A professional photographer in the house

Look, be honest I don't do blog post often, I mean rarely. I can give heaps excuses like I don't like writing, any sort of writing include text messages, we have another business running for wedding styling and floral services (Fable Studio Co) and we consistently sourcing and creating new products. Our time is so limited and blogging takes me ages to get nice photos and proper writing. We're kinda like never rest business couples doing what we passionate, then the blog is the last thing on my list to give a try. I know it is important to share what we doing rather than just selling products online, but I think that is the hardest job for me to be done.

Today, it is an ordinary day but I have received a bunch of photos from our photographer friend Karen. She is amazing, she is the mother of two and running her photography business based in Sydney. We've done weddings together and she visited us a couple of weeks ago to get some shots done for Wender Plant. Truley appreciated for the authentic works and amazing style. Please check her out, here is her site.

I couldn't make a full tour by post pew nice images, but you will get the idea of how the studio looks like with plants display. Maybe it could inspire you for your house decor or workplace decor with nice greeneries.

The corner of our studio

Wender Plant display area

You might see this area every time I've taken photos for new orders

Some of the products haven't put online yet, we need to test and monitor the plants and make sure they are happy in the new environment

Our little Sign

Derek's working station

Propagating our succulent babies

I will try my best to get in online (I mean blogging) as often I as I can. I don't know when is the next time updating but I've got the feeling, Derek wants to do something new.

Can't wait. :)



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