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The first Giveaway ever and the first winner announcement!

wender plant, sydney terrarium, large terrarium, fishbowl terrarium

Give Away

If you follow us on Instagram already, you may know we did our first giveaway ever early of July this year. This is the first time we try to use social media to gather more plant lovers and give back the value to our customers, followers and plant friends. We worked for a couple of weeks to plan this giveaway, discuss which products, what's the rule, and how to execute it to draw the prize.

The first step is THE product selection. We want the product to be valued and attractive, however, we don't want it too big to be accepted by certain lifestyles. We had run a quick poll online, and the result was the "king". Maybe the size does matter or maybe it is a very unique product and hard to find, king fishbowl terrarium was the one to be given away.

The second step is production. Obviously, I left the job to Derek. It was a full day working process, from glassware cleaning to the plant selection, from designing to building, the real speed is absolutely nothing like the video.

The final step is post-production time, which I have to make the terrarium inside visible to the super reflective curve glass surface. I've got used to it, most of our product images need to be retouched before you see them.

Now you got it! A king fishbowl terrarium, 45cm diameter glass ball contains a living ecosystem. Potentially a mini rainforest growing inside your living room.


We have a winner!

After a week of accumulation of the comments for entry, then it is a prize drawing time.

Congratulations, our winner!


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