Our First Design Fair


It has been awhile since last blog post had been updated. It has been so much going on of our life. The new crew member arrived on 11th March 2018, we were absolutely overwhelmed with a new born baby. We spent all of our time with baby boy to cope the new lifestyle. Anyway, now we kinda slowly getting back to our plants.

A month before we got a chance to reach The Life Style Edit to have our stall at precinct 75 winter design fair. This is our very first design fair, we kinda have the excitement fill up the air but in the other hand, we have no idea what we are going to expect.

Derek made about 40 terrariums in different jars for different prices, just in case some people want the over size one, we made a super large one. (...well, compare to what we used to make, it is XL size. ) Me, always try to make my space pretty and different, I had my stall setup by using cement blocks. It was brilliant idea, the greenery standout very much and the concrete suits the industrial precinct look and feel, plus it is cost effective.

Yes, back to the terrariums and plants. I found a lot of people they were concerning about terrarium maintenance or simply keeping them alive. I found it is hard when we first started, because it was hard to control the light and humidity. After all those years learning from mistakes and books, it seems not that hard. My advice: just try to avoid direct sunlight to over heat the plants inside the jar. However, you have to give them shaded light, they are still plants. Do not pour water into terrariums because they have very shallow drainage. Over-watering will damage the roots and excess humidity will make it mould. Spray water to open terrariums twice or more a week depends on the position in your home, and for the closed terrariums, you can just spray them twice a month or spray them when no more condensed water drops inside the jar, they can stay alive for a year.

Happy planting!




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