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Carefully select one of our best sellers, large lotus terrarium, package with world classic cocktails from Maybe Sammy, served at home.



Sip Sip Hooray

  • Items:

    A Large Lotus Terrarium


    Jar Size:

    24cm (H) x 13cm (D) approx.


    Maybe Sammy Cocktail Trio Gift Pack (each bottle contains 1.6 Standard Drinks)

    • 1 x 100mL Chamomile Martini 20.5% ABV (Ingredient: Gin, Vermouth, Chamomile, Pepper, Cedarwood)

    • 1 x 100mL Jasmine Negroni 20.3% ABV (Ingredient: Gin, Campari, Vermouth, White Jasmine Dilution)

    • 1 x 100mL Eucalyptus Gimlet 20.4% ABV (Ingredient: Tequila, Mango, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit Bitters)

    • 1 x Lux gift box


    Terrarium Care:

    Bright position but no direct sunlight, natural airflow, low water required

    For more details, please jump into Terrarium Care

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