Most of the terrariums are low water required. DO NOT over water, it will damage the root of the plant, and better spray watering for easy control. Like in nature, terrarium likes rainwater or de-mineralised water (bottle of water) to feed. Better to avoid using tap water to extend your terrarium lifespan.


The enclosed terrariums - They are like a little ecosystem. The moisture will stay in the jar for a quite long time. Only spray water them when you don’t see the moisture on the wall of the glass.


The open terrariums - The natural airflow brings some moisture away. You need to spray them when the soil dry if they are tropical plants; or once every two weeks if they are succulents or cactus. Please note that, ferns and moss like extra moist, might need spray watering every day depends on how dry the weather is.

The air plants - Require a generous misting or soaking at least once a week with room temperature water. Air dry. Need air circulation, ideal to display in a wide-open terrarium or open stand.







Get a spot that receives plenty of INDIRECT light. If there is little natural light, artificial light can be a good source as well. Remember, the terrarium doesn’t like direct sunlight, it will kill them quickly. Please keep it away from the “hot spots”. The plants grow toward a light source, in order to keep them upright, turn your terrarium occasionally.


Plants NEED air flow, especially for succulents and cactus. For open terrariums with succulents, place them in better air flow position. For enclosed terrariums, remove the lid once a month to allow air out.






We use all organic products for our terrariums, include living plants and organic soil. They might contain bugs or small flys naturally. It is NORMAL. Just simply let them go.