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Bundle a new package to nurture your inner peace. Don't forget to turn your favourite music on.


Package includes:

- Terrarium Fishbowl

- Moss Mug

- Choice of your 250g hot beverage pack (drinking chocolate or chai)

- One Sensed candle

Package Price $115, value at $149


Me Time - Fishbowl (value at $149)

  • Items:

    - Terrarium Fishbowl

    - MAHO Moss Mug

    - Choice of 250g beverage (either hot chocolate or sticky chai)

    - One Sensed candle (pick randomly)



    A tall glass jar terrarium, top open with a lid

    One indoor plant which suit for the design

    Jar Size:

    16cm (H) x 18cm (D) approx.



    Terrarium Care:

    Prefer shaded sunlight, low water required, spray once two weeks

    For more details, please jump into Terrarium Care

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