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Don't forget to grab one with your terrarium when checking out to make it healthier and happier. 

This organic kit covers strong roots, fast growth and lush healthy leaves, plus they are made with worms not heavy machines. It makes them better for pets, plants, people and the planet. 

We The Wild Plant Essential Plant Health Kit - Plant Mum Edition

  • Plant Care Essential Care Kit:

    Protect Spray:

    Stress protection and remedy spray for leaf issues and shine.

    Size: 15ml

    22+ organic Australian ingredients / 200+micro organisms / Certified and organic formulation


    Grow Concentrate:

    Bio-active fertilizer and tonic for fast growth.

    Size: 5ml

    18+ organic ingredients / 2200+micro organisms attach to roots / Neutral ph / NPK 3:1:4


    Support Pellets:

    Slow-release bio-active plant food for healthy soil and roots

    Size: 30g

    Mycorrhizal fungi, the root's messenger / 200+micro organisms complete the soil food web / Neutral ph / NPK 4:3:2


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