Tell me the plant you want or randomly pick up from seasonal ferns, succulents or indoor plants suit the jar.

Terrarium Billy

  • Items:

    A small hurricane glass jar, top open with a lid

    A living plant 

    Decorative items

    Gift packaging 


    Jar Size:

    16cm (H) x 14cm (D) approx.


    Terrarium Care:

    - Moss terrarium: Shaded light, low water required, spray once two weeks

    - Enclosed terrarium: No direct sunlight, low water required, spray once two weeks 

    - Open terrarium: No direct sunlight, spray once a day on fern

    - Pot plant: Shaded light, water at least once a week, spray water occasionally to keep it moisture 

    - Succulents or cactus: No direct sunlight, natural airflow, low water required, spray once two weeks