It is a perfect gift send to the people you really care during the special period. 

Tell me the plant you want or randomly pick up from seasonal ferns, succulents or indoor plants. 

Message Tapered Biscuit Jar Terrarium

  • Items:

    A tapered biscuit glass jar, top open with a lid

    A living plant 

    Decorative items

    Handwriting message on the jar (removable) 

    Gift packaging 


    Jar Size:

    25cm (H) x 15.5cm (D) approx.


    Terrarium Care:

    - Moss terrarium: Shaded light, low water required, spray once two weeks

    - Enclosed terrarium: No direct sunlight, low water required, spray once two weeks 

    - Open terrarium: No direct sunlight, spray once a day on fern

    - Pot plant: Shaded light, water at least once a week, spray water occasionally to keep it moisture 

    - Succulents or cactus: No direct sunlight, natural airflow, low water required, spray once two weeks