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It is a perfect gift and home decor item.

Tell us the plant you want or randomly pick up from seasonal ferns, succulents or indoor plants suit for the jar.

Pear Shape Terrarium

Out of Stock
  • Items:

    A medium size pear shape glass jar, front open

    Assorted indoor plants (will be varied depends on stock) 

    Decorative items (pebbles or moss)

    Gift packaging 


    Jar Size:

    33cm (H) x 22cm (D) approx.


    Terrarium Care:

    Ferns or indoor plants -

    Enclosed terrarium : No direct sunlight, low water required, spray twice a week 

    Open terrarium: No direct sunlight, spray once a day on fern

    Succulents or cacuts -

    No direct sunlight, nature air flow, low water required, spray once two weeks 


  • Stock Item - 

    We accept order cancellation if changing mind before delivery scheduled, payment fulling refund. Unfortunately, we don't refund for changing mind after item had been delivered.


    Made to order / Customized Item - 

    Sorry, we don't do refund for customized item. If you have any concerns, please contact us before ordering. Thanks for your understanding.








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