Who doesn't love flowers?

Since Derek studies floristry course at Pearsons, our living and working environment has changed. Before we only got greenery in our little apartment where located an inner city suburb, now our home and studio (which we have a separate space, hooray! I will talk about it later when we finishing set it up) are full of blooms and colors. This let me start to re-think about the relationship of living plants and flowers.

@florist_law Native Bouquet

We loooove plants. You know that! That is how we started from a hobby to a business. We also love flowers, you probably don't know that, because I haven't mentioned how excited when

I saw our plants bloom. Blooming plants indicate that they are healthy and in right condition. The plants are happy to spread the love to the world and ready to produce offspring. However I don't want to cut the flowers down just for my room decoration; plus it is hard to watch them die.

Well, I guess I am not only one has a such feeling of the cut flowers, love them but hate to watch them die. However, when I got my flower mind switch on, I don't think that is a bad thing to have a bunch of beautiful flowers to boost up the daily mood. Their life has a brand new purpose. Living plants can purify air for the environment and the cut flowers can bring up the color and fragrance to pleasant human sensations. Plus the flower farmers know better what is good for the plants, that relieves me from the guiltiness of getting cut flowers.

Happy Plants in our Terrariums
Roses for Bridal Expo Setup

We love them both equally.

Below are images from last Saturday at Spring Design Fair Precinct 75. We had more collections since last design fair. We added small succulent pots for Father's Day and some unique design pots or vases look for new home.

Making more succulents
Spring Design Fair
Sad Face Pot Plant
Spring Design Fair

In the end, happy Father's Day, Derek! You've done a good job!

Derek and Cedric


love from Wendy


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