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Greeting! We are Wender Plant!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Hello plant lovers! I am very glade to pronounce our terrarium online store Wender Plant has been launched two weeks ago. Because there were a lot of works have to be done for online setup and social media posting, plus number of orders we have to make. The blogs always come to the last. Finally we got time to do the very first Wender Plant blog post.

About The Name:

Why WENDER? We actually got the name very quick, just making a word out of our names Wendy and Derek. Here we go! Like wonderland or wonderful, sounds easy to remember and also representing us. Simple as it is!

About The Human Behind The Name:

We are small local business run by husband and wife team, who are truly plant lovers and cat lovers. We try to bring our lifestyle into a full time career, just because we have so much passion about making interior / home environment liveable and cosy. The unstopped love just started from one small indoor pot which given by a friend back to few years ago. Now, plants everywhere in our apartment, we enjoy taking care of them physically and they take care of us, mentally.

Wendy & Derek

About the Brand:

We brand ourselves as an online boutique plant gift shop for terrariums in Sydney. There are so many talented people who are making amazing terrariums around the world. How can we make ourselves different from others? I have always been asking myself this question? I guess this is THE question will keep the entrepreneurs stay up over night.

We aim to create an unique experiences for our potential customers who either want to display the terrariums at their own home / shop or give to others as presents. The customised hand writing services make us different. We do names, branding, and quote to inspire our audiences everyday. You don't only have a lovely terrarium displayed, but also have a special message to encourage you or make you happy. Deliver liveable product and happiness is our mission.

Moreover, we want to bring a sustainable living and working environment to people's everyday life.

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